Milton Glaser

The groundbreaking graphic designer helped found New York magazine and created an iconic image of Bob Dylan.
"So when I was in London [for the Most Imaginative Bartender global finals], I was like, how far away is the room that the
Bob Gill: Serigraph self­portrait, 2012;Courtesy of Bob Gill The result - "Twenty over Eighty" - is a thorough look at designers
Today, Glaser gets requests to build brand identities from all over. So how does one of the world's most known graphic designer
It's part of a $5 million campaign boasting the Ocean State's “uniqueness.”
My private cookbook collection can't compare to that of many of my colleagues -- my 500 or so seem paltry next to collections in the thousands. But at this stage of life, I carefully curate the books I want around forever.
It's not easy to capture the spirit of a city like New York. Yet, that is exactly what Milton Glaser did in 1977 when he
HuffPost spoke with Milton Glaser, the designer of the iconic "I Love New York" logo, on the happy accident of its success.
Milton Glaser joins HuffPost Live to discuss co-founding New York Magazine and the way the publication has changed since
"The great thing about people in the arts -- musicians; maybe not dancers, because their knees go; artists; painters; so