Milwaukee Brewers

The Dodgers will face the Boston Red Sox in the Series, which begins Tuesday.
"It doesn't reflect any of my beliefs now," the Brewers star said in an apology.
They've been first in their division, and now they're first in our hearts.
The movie's 25th anniversary -- and baseball season's Opening Day -- are coming up.
At least the bottom-naked fan had decency to wear a shirt.
It was so good, the umps didn't know if it was legal or not.
Walker's backing a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks -- and it's not the first time he supported a tax-financed stadium
Life Lessons from the World of Sports: First Do the Job -- Then Do the Celebrating!
It is clear that over his long and rocky tenure as Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig left a massive legacy. The business and sport of major league baseball was impacted for good and for ill by the man who began his professional life selling used cars in Milwaukee. He will end his tenure as Commissioner by becoming the "Six Million Dollar Man."
Buzzfeed puts Milwaukee on its list of 14 underappreciated cities. It's at No. 14, of course, but hey...
ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian is usually the butt of friendly impressions from the players he covers. But on Monday
But there may have been another factor involved in Marshall's targeting of Braun. In August 2013, Gibson told the Associated
Carlos Gomez made a young fan's day after he gave her a hug before the Brewers took on the Chicago Cubs on Sunday afternoon
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ryan Braun was warming up in the dugout on Saturday when he accidentally
Gomez, Snider and Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron were all ejected. Then, everything escalated. Cole and Gomez were quickly
Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann does not take kindly to opposing hitters who admire home runs. For the second time this
Joey Votto flashed some defensive skills on Sunday during a game against the Milwaukee Brewers with a slick behind-the-back