Milwaukee Brewers

A handful of security guards struggled to catch the interloper, who even attempted to high-five Brewers batter Jace Peterson.
The arenas where the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks play will no longer be used as early voting sites, as the city preempts a lawsuit from the state GOP.
The Brewers, Reds, Mariners and Padres postponed games after the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks boycotted a playoff game in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
The Dodgers will face the Boston Red Sox in the Series, which begins Tuesday.
"It doesn't reflect any of my beliefs now," the Brewers star said in an apology.
They've been first in their division, and now they're first in our hearts.
The movie's 25th anniversary -- and baseball season's Opening Day -- are coming up.
At least the bottom-naked fan had decency to wear a shirt.