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Sunday, June 5th was National Cancer Survivor’s Day, and as cancer care facilitators and advocates, we celebrate cancer survivors
10 tips for running your first ultramarathon:
When I see something that triggers anxiety, whether it's an actual physical manifestation or just in the mind's eye, I distract myself until my anxiety subsides. In my quest to recalibrate from distressed to de-stressed, I have found the following four quick-tricks to be, easy, practical, and effective anxiety antidotes.
Here, a few suggestions for things you can stop giving a crap about in 2016 -- because YOLO.
Let your emotions out Go ahead and allow yourself to feel all the feels--including sadness, anger and frustration. "It's
And the two are more interconnected than you think.
Though full studies have yet to be conducted, the FDA has cleared the technology for use on humans. Vice President of Nexalin
These questions used to keep me up at night. I once worried endlessly about purpose and trajectory, identity and worth, but
These toners also boost mental focus, says Sarita Allen, Linda Celeste Sims's pilates teacher. Try them three times a week.