Healthy Living
Scientists have assigned the role of Mister Answer to science, the source of knowledge on every subject. This is peculiar because science does not accept a complete body of knowledge at any one time as final, therefore no answer can be final. This is how science progresses. Scientists, though, often forget that.
Healthy Living
Thinking is happening, in some guise or other, everywhere in your body all the time. This emerging view has the potential to rock our accepted understanding of mind itself.
GPS for the Soul
When someone asks, "Where is the mind located?" most people will automatically point to their heads. Why? Is it because we experience our thoughts in our heads?
Mindfulness is not a panacea. But when parents and youth put in sustained effort and practice they can develop a strategy to notice when they're stuck, de-bug their mental software and optimize their inner hard drives to transform many aspects of their lives.