mind body medicine

Treating affected individuals is not enough. Embracing and engaging the whole community in collective healing is essential.
There are a number of different integrative therapies for which there is evidence to show they can improve cancer-related symptoms, including fatigue. If everyday tasks are becoming overwhelming, here are seven integrative therapies that may help.
In recent years, hypnosis has become an accepted medical therapy to address a variety of conditions, including childbirth pain and weight loss, which are concerns for many women
Understanding the root causes of addiction can help us to better treat it.
These five books, arranged in the order in which I discovered them, provide a chronological biography of my development as a spiritual person
You can, for example, tap the power of old and positive memories. Exciting intimate memories, especially those from early
As a physician, I see that patients who want to accomplish something, a trip to France or a triathlon, are more likely to
Wouldn't it be amazing if we could just sleep away our fears? What if there was a way to conquer our fears that involved nothing more taxing than lying down calmly to sleep at night?
"A growing body of carefully conducted research is building a compelling case for tai chi as an adjunct to standard medical
Today I would like to honor two of my colleagues who did not win Nobel Prizes during their lifetimes, but who will always be health care revolutionaries whose dedication to their respective fields of research and the discoveries that came from their efforts have truly changed the way we all think about health and disease.
Like most people who go on the bizarre and frightening trip of cancer, I needed a way to find comfort and hope. After my third diagnosis, I was filled with despair, not knowing where to turn. With the help of my therapist, I decided to write a book.
One of the most exciting changes that could mean a breakthrough in health centers on the term "mind-body medicine."
Without saying the "p" word -- psychology -- the Veterans Health Administration has turned to integrative health approaches to address health challenges that run the gamut from post-traumatic stress disorder and physical disabilities to divorce, brain injury and suicide.
It is a common misconception (and prejudice) that psychological and nonpharmaceutical research is less stringent and reliable than clinical drug trials.
The conference's 200-plus attendees were primarily LA-based psychotherapists, more than ready for the conference's message
Wouldn't it be cool if we could just choose when we want a little drama in our lives? A little drama is a good thing, but too much can wreak havoc on our health.
Those of us who study mind-body approaches need to step up our own creativity and discipline so that we meet acceptable standards of scientific conduct, while also developing innovative ways to study treatments.
Richard Friedman ("New Drugs Have Allure, Not Track Record," May 19, 2009) is appropriately troubled by the loss of a "larger