mind reading

Has this ever happened to you? It's happened to me many times. My Autopilot System goes into overdrive, imagining various
Witnessing brain activity before an action occurs give researchers the ability to study how the brain processes decisions
She felt betrayed. He felt confused. The relationship didn't last much longer. Part of the no-effort relationship fairy-tale
By Sarah Sloat Flies don't get a lot of respect from humankind. It's a shame because they're not too different from us -- they
Understanding the minds of children and their development is critical for parents who want to unlock their Parental Intelligence.
No, this isn't a story about the tragedy of Alzheimer's Disease, it's about your own memories being used as evidence against you in a court of law. Science fiction? I thought so, but not anymore.
The accuracy among the pairs ranged from 25 to 83 percent, with errors attributed primarily to the sender's failure to "accurately
11 reasons you should fear robots
Earlier this year, the first mind-to-mind communication took place. Hooked up to brain wave headsets, a researcher in India projected a thought to a colleague in France, and they understood each other. Telepathy went from the pages of science fiction to reality.
Scientists have now used brain scanners to hack into our thoughts like never before.