mindfulness based cognitive therapy

“The choice between antidepressants and having untreated depression is not the only option."
You see, mindfulness isn't about perfection or reaching some artificial standard. It starts -- and continues -- with the simple daily decision that you want to become aware of what's really going on in you and in your life.
How does MBCT work? Using meditation, individuals learn to separate themselves from the sway of their immediate moods. They
Some Buddhists affirm a "stealth Buddhist" approach to mainstreaming mindfulness as exemplifying the Buddhist virtue of "skillful
I can embrace myself and others with greater compassion, my life has much less conflict, I am less impulsive and less reactive, my emotions feel more balanced, my thoughts are less intrusive, I sleep well, I am in excellent health, and I spend much more time savoring the richness of life.
Ghinassi advises taking a quick break to "reset" yourself whenever you start feeling stressed, whether twice a day or as
Next month, the Australian Cancer Council is beginning an eight-week Living Mindfully program, based on mindfulness-based
I felt that this particular letter could be a benefit to many and wanted to share it with you. I have also bolded some things that I felt stood out.