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But with monogamy comes experimentation, at least according to Kaling. The actress, writer and show creator explored that
Now, the “Mindy” scene did not include two enthusiastic participants. It was more like one enthusiastic participant and a
I love The Mindy Project -- the characters, the writing, the performances. I love this show so much, in fact, that my friends have started calling me Bindy (AKA "Boy Mindy").
In case you're somehow not yet giddily anticipating tomorrow night, we'll leave you with one last bit of information that
It's no secret that Shonda Rhimes will appear on "The Mindy Project" this fall, and it looks like Mindy Kaling has some big
Mindy Kaling joins Ricky to comment on her involvement with fashion.
The nominations for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards are announced July 10 and like a kid writing his Christmas list for Santa Claus, I have been thinking about who I most wish to see receive an Emmy nomination come Thursday morning.
Kaling has hilariously addressed the media's reaction to her success, and in this roundtable she gave one extreme example
Perhaps once upon a time they were, but at this point the genius of "Mindy" has surpassed "New Girl" in a big way. Even more
"The problem with kissing, when you're older than 16, you can't kiss a guy for like two hours, which is like what I would
It's easy to simply celebrate Kaling's statements on body image in Hollywood, but the actress reminds us how ridiculous it
"The Mindy Project" returns on Tues., April 1 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. And he can dance! I didn’t even know that he could dance
There's no way Mindy would cast off Danny in favor of Cliff, right? Right. She was really intent on getting Cliff back before
Growing up, I was not that encouraged outside of my immediate family to pursue on-camera work. People would find out I wanted
You've probably never had this option. ... But at least you're not on the floor when you say them. Finally, proof that you're
While we were all sitting around debating the merits of leaning in, leaning back, work-life balance and the end of men (or
Mindy Kaling is one of the funniest and currently most successful women in Hollywood. If you're not yet a huge fan, just
Originally set to recur as a guest star on Fox's "The Mindy Project" this fall, "Happy Endings" alum Adam Pally has been
Tonight, "The Mindy Project" returns to Fox for its Season 2 premiere (which you can watch online now), and star Mindy Kaling
Mindy Lahiri, Danny Castellano and the rest of "The Mindy Project" gang are back. And we're not just talking about a promo