mine disaster

The arrests follow allegations by miners that the company failed to heed safety concerns and that government inspections
Tuesday's disaster has triggered protests across Turkey, aimed at mine owners accused of ignoring safety for profit, and
Bruce Stanley's enraged that the legal and political system is his native state of West Virginia is so corrupt that the bad and the compromised often float to the top of the system while the true and the caring are just as often endlessly stymied.
More than two years after the Upper Big Branch mining disaster, relatives of the victims hope to pressure lawmakers into finally passing mine safety reform.
Featuring citizen activists fighting for clean air and water against entrenched interests and corporate dollars, the documentary combines backstory, statistics, and human interest to explain more fully the narrative of where our electricity comes from.
"It's really the first time on such a large scale that a management team has declined, and it's unprecedented, to my knowledge
The miners call it Hell. The only thing missing is the fire and brimstone. Half a mile underground in northern Chile, 33 men are trapped in a cramped shelter where the temperature is a constant 85 degrees.
Don Blankenship, whose Upper Big Branch coal mine had been cited hundreds of times for safety violations before it blew up
"I have here before me a pile of news clips collected over the last couple of weeks describing workers, men and women, young
The new group will run an anonymous tip line that victims' relatives and members of the general public can use to convey
Joe Main, director of the Mine Safety and Health Administration, said his agency has had the power to seek federal injunctions
Patrice McDermott, director of openthegovernment.org, told Huffpost: "The companies are never going to tell the miners or
Ken Ward Jr., who writes the 'Coal Tattoo' blog for West Virginia's Charleston Gazette, argued on Monday that the U.S. Mine
Coal still haunts people here in Eastern Kentucky and scares them into thinking they can't live without it, but watching what's happening in West Virginia, how can we possibly live with it?