In a statement to HuffPost, Grimes spokeswoman Charly Norton said that Chao's tenure as head of the Labor Department, which
Coal miners develop black lung disease, or coal workers' pneumoconiosis, through prolonged exposure to the coal dust in a
"What happened to Richard Coots never should have happened," said Oppegard, who's representing the younger Coots alongside
Wednesday's announcement is expected to draw criticism from many mine operators and renew claims of President Barack Obama's
Shemwell's discrimination complaints paint a picture of what some miners go through when their outspokenness rubs bosses
Under its shutdown plan, the Mine Safety and Health Administration has dropped its routine, semi-annual inspections of surface
But at the same time, MSHA has had to stop entirely what it calls its "fours" and "twos" -- the quarterly inspections of
According to court documents, an Arch manager also told a workers' compensation attorney working on Howard's case that the
Correction: This story originally said MSHA was shutting down the backlog offices. In fact, it's the Labor Department's Office
We must keep pressing forward with the legacy of the Mine Safety and Health Act. It is far too important, and too many lives are at stake, to give up now.
Although miners still aren't using PDMs, MSHA has solicited some of the devices for its own inspectors. MSHA spokeswoman
In July 2010, after he'd already filed grievances against managers over safety issues, Howard suffered an on-the-job head
More than two years after the Upper Big Branch mining disaster, relatives of the victims hope to pressure lawmakers into finally passing mine safety reform.
According to the report, states with the highest fatality include West Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota and North
The state is holding hearings this week on mine safety as officials consider separate bills meant to address dangers revealed
At the time of the tragedy, Robert Murray blamed the mine collapse at Crandall Canyon on an earthquake -- an assertion challenged