SkyHorse-Shoes - Fix-It & Forget-It Series The name Vermont conjures up images of ski slopes, farmhouses and moonlight. And
Prior to the last school bell in December, I had imagined some perfectly-planned winter break activities that my daughter
When he’s playing Minecraft, he has no trouble staying calm, patiently working through problems and reaching his goals in the game.
Lately I've been getting many questions about video games -- what, if any, might the benefits be and how can caring adults best regulate them? These are hard questions to which I haven't yet found perfect answers.
It has been many years since video games captured the world’s attention. Yesterday’s Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders
The annual International Society for Technology Educators conference (ISTE) just wrapped up in Denver. In addition to serving as a networking and informational hub for several thousand educators, ISTE is a breeding ground for concepts and collaborations.
2. Interesting. I bet the Illuminati had a hand in that. 4. Did you know "may you live in interesting times" is a curse? 3
One of the world's most popular games is making the leap.
The relationship between games and architecture today is somewhat of a one-way street. As game worlds have gotten more visually rich, game studios have brought in architects to design these spaces. The results are quite epic and nothing if not a success.
I'm Irish which means one of my favorite days of the year is St. Patrick's Day, obviously! So in the spirit of celebrating
I grew up in the 1980s, and this ain't it. I remember thinking on 8-hour car journeys during which my sister and I sang every word of the "Disney Gold Collection" (sorry mom and dad) that boy, the trip would seem much faster and easier if we just had a TV that could fit in our hands.
Are you good at finding just the right app for the task and figuring out why you all have to buy this year's iPhone? You may be a dad. Are you making sure all virus protections are up to date, Facebook privacy settings are checked weekly and YouTube parental blocks are in place? Better shape up if being a dad is in your cards!
What do Silicon Valley and Stockholm have in common? Spawning billion-dollar tech companies.
Have you ever sat down and played Minecraft with an 8 year old? It is astounding how fast they pick up new concepts and geometric construction techniques. There are some amazing things being built, and shared, just in that community alone.
No, I'm not going to quit today or any other day on you, my precious son. My beautiful boy with the wide blue eyes and impossibly blonde hair. As much as you confound and challenge me, you inspire me.