mini pigs

The $1,600 mini pigs are created using gene-editing techniques and cloning.
When Charley brought home an adorable mini pig named Otis, he was a little nervous to see how Bella the pug would react to the newest family member. Thankfully, their owner filmed their first encounter because it's too precious for words!
We scream, you scream, and apparently we all, piglets included, scream for ice cream! During a hot summer day, Max DiNatale decided to treat his mini pig named Pickle to a sweet dessert. When he came back with a vanilla ice cream cone, Pickle was snoozing in his little bed.
Friendship really knows no bounds. These adorable German Shepherd puppies and mini Juliana pigs live together in Michigan
See the rest of the photos at the Post's website, and then check out this tiny pig named Hamlet making his way down a flight
Yes, this rabbit happens to be bigger than those pigs. But best friends really do come in all shapes and sizes, so just revel
(h/t Metro) We scream, you scream and, apparently, even piglets scream for ice cream. Also, while some human food can be
It may be impossible not to squeal with delight while watching this adorable micro pig getting a belly rub in the video above
15. The movie "Babe" came out less than 20 years ago. It's not time for a remake, guys. Imgur These tiny pigs think they
Franklin and Floyd may seem like an odd pair, because really, when was the last time you imagined a cat and pig playing with
Mini pigs are possibly one of the most adorable crazes as of late. Though mini and teacup pigs don't stay so mini, they sure
Teacup pigs have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and a price tag up to $1,600, depending on just how small the oinker is. Teacup