Miniature horse

People claimed to have seen a mysterious miniature horse on Saint Helen's Island ― turns out, it was just one trick pony.
Ann Edie, a woman who is blind, saved the life of her seeing eye horse.
Via Abbottsviewalpacas Amy Jo Miniature horses and ponies are actually not the same thing. Mini horses are often bred to
Sure, we all know animals are adorable. But what could possibly make animals even more adorable? Just scale them down until
The new findings hold implications for digging deeper into the past—as well as looking into our own warmer future. Smith
"The animal was tortured and is in roughly 20 to 30 pieces behind me," said Couto to CBSMiami. "There are some sick people
Like Alice's wonderland, the miniature fascinates us, entertains us and brings us joy. There is something inexplicably transcendent and amusing in that which is so tiny and yet so perfectly complete.
The world's smallest horse was born just days ago in the United States and he is gaining plenty of attention. At just 6 pounds