Thursday’s earnings call is one of several times Walmart’s blamed government benefit cuts for mediocre revenue in recent
Seventy-five economists put their weight behind this argument, releasing a letter Tuesday in support of a minimum wage hike
The map and chart below show how close each state's new minimum wage comes to reaching a living wage, meaning one in which
Raising the minimum wage would help the working poor and give the entire economy a boost, a new analysis finds.
“A lot of states and even a lot of municipalities have all boosted their minimum wages out of a recognition that the federal
And because Walmart is the largest private-sector employer in the country, a move to raise wages there could lead other employers
Raising the federal minimum wage would have an unexpected effect on how much women earn relative to men, according to a recent
(Click over to Bloomberg to learn more about the debate over the tipped minimum wage) For many tipped workers, the stagnent
Deluca acknowledged that minimum wage workers “deserve to make more,” but cautioned against a big spike all at once. President
Levitt and his co-author Stephen Dubner are known for a number of counterintuitive economic theories. In their book "Freakonomics