Minimum wage in the United States

Thanks to an amendment to the state constitution, the wage floor in the state will rise $1 per year until it hits $15 in 2026.
Safe and affordable housing is increasingly out of reach for low-income renters, according to a new report.
It's not just you -- rental homes and apartments are getting more expensive across the country.
Glenn Kessler did one fact check for the paper, and another in his defense.
From minimum wage hikes to stricter gun control measures and Me Too-inspired legislation, 2019 will usher in thousands of new laws in various states.
Larry Kudlow has an interesting message for all those moderate voters in battleground districts as they head to the polls.
The two ballot initiatives would gradually hike the wage floor to $12 and $11, respectively.
The wage increase follows criticism from lawmakers and labor unions over the company's pay disparity.