mining disaster

Don Blankenship is attempting to "shift the blame for a decade of death, destruction and despair," said union president Cecil Roberts.
This email says it all about the tragic world of West Virginia.
This month the industry's biggest lie -- that it can be trusted with our water -- is once again on display as another mining disaster has spilled millions of gallons of toxic mining waste and chemicals into our streams, rivers and lakes.
The unassuming town of Soma, in Turkey's western Aegean region, was suddenly catapulted into the world's media in May, with a shocking mining disaster.
More than two years after the Upper Big Branch mining disaster, relatives of the victims hope to pressure lawmakers into finally passing mine safety reform.
When he died, Coots left behind two daughters, a 4-year-old and a 2-month-old. Coots' other younger brother, Justin, 20, died
In West Virginia, where the political system has failed the people, the courts have become the last refuge of justice. What then, when the state's highest court is a repository for the lowest political motives?
Clean energy independence, not coal, will bring more sustainable jobs. It's time to envision a coal-free future. It's time
Federal inspectors have yet to get underground at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine, but they've already hit the operation
The way out of the political, economic and ecological challenges of energy is through technological innovation. The optimal