The president decided to put the candy on the costumed kid's head rather than in the candy bag.
"Despicable Me 3" will open in more U.S. theaters than any movie ever.
Jackie K Cooper The film is rated PG for some scary characters and cartoon violence. There have been
Man crossing Valencia Street in the Mission District with a Minion character piñata.
What makes a toy hot? Is it hot because it's on TV every 20 minutes in front of your kids or because all of their friends have it so they absolutely must have one too? Or is it hot because it's based on a character they truly love, a passion that they have or their own unique play style, even if they haven't asked for it yet?
We can't wait for the highly anticipated rematch.
As popular as the minions are with filmgoers, they didn't have many fans with commuters in Dublin, Ireland, on Monday. A