Ministry of Culture

UNESCO estimates Peru's famous geoglyphs are around 2,000 years old.
Alexis Rockman's panoramic paintings explore the seamless interdependencies of aquatic, avian and subterranean life. Their omniscient world-views reveal our own terrestrial spectrum to be only a narrow slice.
The art world often sidelines humanist works for their accessibility and for their campaigns of universal mantras, but Mori has a history of meshing modern technology with ancient practices in a way that engenders contemplation for our place in the natural world.
Does the cruelty outweigh the tradition, or vice versa? Vote for your opinion in the poll below. After Catalonia implemented
Most people do not know that no fewer than nine government agencies provide support to arts in this nation.
The Chinese state has staked its legitimacy on providing economic growth, stability and an ever increasing stature for China on the world stage. The 2008 Olympics had to be flawless.
We need to invest in multi-dimensional human beings. We need to show that the country cares about culture.