Minnesota's Jack Baker and Mike McConnell obtained a marriage license in 1971, but their road to wedded bliss wasn't an easy one.
Franken has taken blistering heat from the right, which is howling that he has “abused” the blue slip tradition.
Will this latest court decision convince Globe University officials to stop pointing the finger at others and deflecting blame? Hopefully. It's well overdue and their students and graduates deserve better.
Will Andy Samberg be the first politician to run for U.S. Senator armed with an array of provocative digital shorts starring him and Justin Timberlake?
Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, said the earliest Franken would be seated is next week because
After the 2008 Senate race ended in a virtual tie last November, I wrote that Minnesotans had tossed a coin that landed on
...Like an Agatha Christie mystery, all the key players arrived on the scene, as if reprising their performances since the
Although the Minnesota Supreme Court won't begin hearing arguments in the never-ending Norm Coleman vs. Al Franken recount
On June 1, the Minnesota Supreme Court will hear the case of Sen. Norm Coleman versus erstwhile latenight comedian Al Franken
One of the two contributions occurred in the six years leading up to Coleman's 2008 re-election bid -- in other words, it was put toward this very election whose result Coleman is preparing to appeal.