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As a child growing up in the Bahamas, Rhys Powell would climb trees in his neighborhood with his cousins and eat the fruit
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Equal access to capital What if you heard that there's an easy way to create a million businesses, and those businesses could
Next year, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will auction off billions of dollars worth of spectrum now used for broadcast television.
History has shown repeatedly that business dreams are birthed through chaos and from the ashes of despair, new business ideas rise. I encourage all the small and black-owned businesses impacted by looting and fire in Ferguson, MO to stay in the game and to know that their customers are waiting for them.
Those already squeezed may soon feel choked as a new, coordinated effort among the U.S. Department of Justice and federal banking agencies threatens to further restrict access to credit.
In a small office with in Jersey City, Alfa and Alex radiate confidence and energy. I sat stunned at Alfa's remarkable journey to get to this place, and the beautiful love that exists between them.
In the Latino community, entrepreneurship is a big part of who we are so I'm not surprised that Hispanics are the fast growing segment of small business owners, and Latinas are actually leading the way. Yes, entrepreneurship has become a Latina movement.
2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifMi Casa Resource Center is collaborating with Kiva Zip to provide loan assistance to low-income business owners unable to access loans from traditional lenders.
A: To begin with, Marsh & McLennan Companies Chief Sustainability Officer, Elizabeth Barry, took an active role at the Summit
In terms of the media, communications and technology industries, minority businesses and entrepreneurs risk falling even farther behind their white counterparts. If we don't take aggressive measures we'll continue to fall behind.
At only 25-years-old, the sky is truly the limit for this airman's ambition. Creating Ascension Aircraft, Jamail Larkins connects with consumers who are interested in buying and selling aircrafts.
Should the U.S. Small Business Administration be in the business of helping small-business owners procure federal contracts?
New statistics released this week by the Transportation Equity Network (TEN) show that from that pot of money not a single