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Then we proceeded to graduate 100 percent of them. Each year. Thirteen years in a row. • Engaging parents while working to
As we can easily tell, rising into leadership while being an underprivileged woman is no easy task, much less if you area
"I want readers to walk away understanding that education requires a holistic approach and should not be solely measured
I killed the conversation in my U.S. literature survey this week - unintentionally. When students come in to our classroom
Taking risks in Hispanic culture isn't typically encouraged. Taking risks was only for the privileged. I believe this cautious approach to life is based on centuries of working hard and being grateful for having a job and food on the table.
While the current state of minority and women participation in tech leaves much to be desired, current efforts signal positive
Donald Trump has entered the national conversation in such a forceful way that his name is currently unavoidable in my classroom, and the tenets of his campaign have dispelled the seductive notion that racism and bigotry are relics of the past we study.
"This field needs more women," he said, promising to do all he could to help me succeed. For more stories about programs
"Instilling black pride is not a threat. It is a necessity."
Minority students often exempt themselves from consideration before they even get the chance to succeed by applying to fewer and less-selective colleges than they are academically qualified to attend.
The prison-to-pipeline problem won't be solved overnight, but there are strategies parents, schools, advocacy groups and government authorities are trying to implement to protect students living with disabilities.
With the median wealth of Black and Latino families at $16,000 and $18,359 respectively versus White families at $124,000
As a female math major, I am all for minorities and women in STEM, but I feel like voicing out about the complexities with this issue and why it's far from a straightforward fix. So, while mathematics strives for simplicity and directness, the problems with getting more women and minorities involved in this subject is far from simple or straightforward.
In the STEM space talented, capable students who don't look like we might expect; who may not live in the zip code with the awesome robotics club; whose parents may not be aware that a few bus stops away from their front door a world of opportunity awaits. This needs to change.
It only took 19 years -- for the United States Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to approve as legal East Harlem's Young Women's Leadership School (YWLS) which began in 1996 as a middle school for girls and which is now a middle and senior high school.
More often than not in recent years, schools have had to go it alone in trying to meet the needs of our most underserved students. So it's encouraging to see a renewed emphasis on context, and on the kinds of solutions we've seen work in some of our neediest communities
Social media provides us with a tremendous opportunity to support the ongoing and future development of our nurses, scientists, and professional leaders.
Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, was a feminist. That is not a matter of opinion, but rather fact based upon all the information we have available on the Prophet, including both religious and academic text.