minoru yasui

Many Japanese Americans, including members of my family, have worked to preserve the lessons of U.S. concentration camps.
“We’ve got politicians who are building their careers on demonizing immigrant groups and foreigners ... in the name of national security."
In 1942, as other students were in caps and gowns, he was imprisoned for being Japanese-American.
Writer Joseph Rose (Japanese-American internment in Oregon: Never forget February 1942, 02/19/16) claims the paper's coverage
The wartime incarceration looms large in my family's memory, but along with all the painful stories from that time, my great uncle's act of principled defiance remains one of the most important stories we tell ourselves about who we are and who we strive to be.
Minoru Yasui has been posthumously recognized with the Martin Luther King Jr. Business Award in Denver, Colorado, "celebrating content of character."
October 19 is the birthdate of Minoru Yasui. 99 years ago, the civil rights leader was born in the small farming community of Hood River, Oregon to Japanese immigrant parents.
The principle of equal justice under the law must be constantly defended; issues like racial profiling, indefinite detention, and due process demand our attention today. That too is Min Yasui's legacy.