mint julep

The executive chef at Churchill Downs explains how he and his team make juleps for the 400,000 people who come through their gates.
The Bloody Mary? First concocted in a hotel. The heart-shaped tub? Well, some of us love them -- and they, too, were first introduced in a hotel.
We're off to the races come Kentucky Derby day on Saturday, and with festivities in full swing we're ready to get mixing -- Mint Juleps, of course! For us this day's a good excuse to dust off the Julep cups and crush up some ice.
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Graphics by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post. There are two very different derbies at Churchill Downs: one in the infield
"The Greatest Two Minutes In Sports" is set to kick off in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday. At the 140th Kentucky Derby
Juleps look intimidating to make -- but they're actually not hard at all.
VERDICT: TAKE IT OFF! Yoga (Marc Janks/Huffington Post) We like to think it helps with balance. Oh, and the mint julep is
With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, we've got bourbon and heavy duty snacks on the brain.
There's more to life than tequila and bourbon, even on Cinco de Derby weekend. And on May 6, when you're margarita'd and mint julep'd out and are looking for a change of pace, you'll thank me.
The classic Kentucky Derby drink requires the perfect balance of mint, sweetness and bourbon.
From sparkling punches to julep-filled pitchers, here are seven recipes ready for your next gathering.
Are any of the horses in this year's field capable of the feat? Is the Derby truly the "Greatest Two Minutes In Sports"? Is
Like some rare astrological phenomenon, both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo fall on Saturday. So we combed our recipe library for tequila and bourbon concoctions.
Some people look good in hats, some don't. But if you're going to the Kentucky Derby, you don't seem to have a choice; elaborate