miracle baby

“They could see the baby, the 8-month-old, looking up at them.”
Newly released video shows the intense moment Utah officers rescued a toddler trapped in an upside-down, submerged car. Like
Sometimes, all you can do is take your current battle one day at a time. Fortunately, strength isn't only measured by how strong you are until you break, but how strong you remain even after you've broken.
"What happened is what happened,” Abdir Ahim Amed, the boy's uncle, told WCCO. “How can we protect the rest of these kids
While the world may be calling Mike Moore, 30, a medical miracle, he’s reveling in another new title: dad. When Moore was
To put treatment within reach to all pregnant women and newborns, we need to fix our broken healthcare system, and we need reproductive justice.
"I opened a white plastic garbage bag and saw the baby," Carlos Michel, the 51-year-old grandfather who discovered the baby
When Izabella was born, doctors gave her a seven-month life expectancy, said Lopez. But fears of an early death have been
"When she was born, none of us were sure how long she was going to live because the survival [rate for babies born at 23
Every baby's birth is a miracle to its parents, but little Elayna Nigrelli had a tougher time than most. Now three months old and healthy, Elayna was born while her mother, Erica Nigrelli, was technically dead.
"The doctors told me that Erica delivered post-mortem because she did not have a heartbeat when they took the baby out," Nathan
A newborn baby was found alive nearly two hours after she was pronounced dead at a hospital in Canada. An emergency room
According to ABC, he went straight to intensive care at the hospital. But when a medical team was trying to save the bleeding
"I'm receiving more than I have ever received all of my Christmas life. Having done this and it makes me want to give more
At the hospital, the boy was given three adrenalin shocks and eventually, Zach's heart started beating normally. Medics say
Sanchez recounted what happened that night for the news station: One late night, Ashley Sanchez was feeding her 3-month-old
"When I developed kidney disease I lost hope," Vargas told NY Daily News. Nilda Vargas, a 37-year-old police officer in the