Miracle on Ice

The team said the appearance wasn't about politics. The caps said otherwise.
He also appeared in the 2006 TV movie “Dirtbags” and 2008’s “Surfer, Dude.”
These days, sports memorabilia sometimes feels like it's a bigger American industry than automobile production.
I have pretty much ruled out any activities that involve brain swelling. But I am quite confident that I never considered any experience that involved sleeping in my car in a rental car parking lot at the Cincinnati airport in the middle of the night to be on my bucket list.
Red Army is a documentary about so much more than just hockey. It's a window not just into the world of elite athletes, but also into the Cold War -- its oppression, its defections, its KGB trickery, its era of indefatigable distrust and ever-simmering antipathy between them and us.
Thanks in part to a Russian goal being controversially waved off during the third period, the rivals headed into overtime
Take note, viewing the collection of highlights below could lead to raised heart rate, nostalgia, tears and in some cases
Bachmann is more of a threat to Pawlenty now than Romney, because much of the competition in the primary is to see who can
Even outside of the large scale events now coming to Russia, the idea of sport for commerce is growing in ways never before seen.
New Orleans police were happy. In all the Super Bowl jubilation they "only had" a triple shooting and a stabbing, and nobody died.