By Thomas Kennedy In South Florida, people are disappearing from our community, as undocumented immigrants are being detained
Read The Bonobo Way for the rest, though the 12th Step bears including: "Save the Bonobos, Save the World." The bonobos themselves
A new, 375,000 square-foot FBI office building in Miramar, Fla. has returned a developer's 18-inch-deep, gravel-encrusted site back to the Everglades.
He was then taken to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Weston, where he was diagnosed with first and second degree burns
An underwater Jewish wedding, with both bride and groom in scuba gear?
According to WSVN, Jones was walking down residential Sabal Palm Drive in suburban Broward Monday afternoon when witnesses
The couple's relationship, which began in high school, was reportedly troubled since before they married in 1998. Vilet and
Police believe a woman missing for nearly three weeks has been a victim of foul play -- and have filed a search warrant seeking
Investigators were unable to find a gun at the home, but a judge Friday morning ruled the children would stay with Vilet
UPDATE: Police are following new leads and the children have been removed from Cid Torrez' custody. Read the latest update
The Egypt we hope for now -- a new era of democracy and opportunity -- is one Mahfouz long dreamed of for his beloved country and would have been proud to chronicle in a new novel that he might have entitled Tahrir Square.