Miramax Films

In a statement, her family called her death "collateral damage in an already horrific story."
A federal lawsuit accuses him and his associates of an illegal “sexual enterprise."
Many at the top of of the entertainment giant during its ownership of Weinstein’s Miramax said they were in the dark. Is that true? Tell us.
In the 1990s, Peter Bart turned Variety into one of the most powerful institutions in Hollywood. In doing so, he helped turn Harvey Weinstein into another.
Everyone asks the same question: Was I aware of any sexual harassment?
“Shunned by Hollywood means nothing to Miramax,” Weinstein said in 1994. “We’re talking about a comic genius.”
It's rare to see a kingpin unleash a world of hurt on a former associate. My interest in this matter is to pass along to you one of the most juicy examples of executive viciousness I've seen in quite some time.