Miranda July

Housed within a luxury department store, the shop will benefit Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic charities.
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"She did this to me," I said, on my knees. "This is what she did to me, while you were at work. And the thing is she did
In The First Bad Man, frumpy, middle-aged Cheryl is governed by her personal routine, which involves punching the clock at
Whether it's a catalogue that allows us to enjoy an exhibition long after its doors have closed, or an in-depth investigation into the oeuvre of our favorite artists, these new books will surely be treasured for years to come.
Each year, millions of books make their way through The New York Public Library system. With so many books to choose from, it would seem an impossible task for our librarians to select their favorites. But, shockingly, it wasn't nearly as difficult as we thought!
A recent collaboration between fashion house, Miu Miu, and artist, Miranda July was the perfect embodiment of how to execute a spectacular artist/brand partnership and why it's important to do so.
Would you use an app that sends a message to other users in the area so they could go break up with your boyfriend, or propose to your sweetheart? Well, artist/filmmaker and writer Miranda July thinks you should.
Now you can turn your text conversations into performance art!
As part of artist Miranda July's "We Think Alone" project, Lena Dunham shared a truly adorable love letter she wrote to her
The Swan Tool, performance by Miranda July, 2001, photograph by David Nakamoto. Untitled (Lesbian Bed #8), Tammy Rae Carland
4. Go to college and play your heart out, but don’t go to college just to play. Treat it as an extra-curricular activity
When we heard that Lena Dunham was participating in performance artist Miranda July's newest project -- "We Think Alone", an
Huffington Post: How did you come up with the idea for "We Think Alone"? HP: So every week we receive an email from each
The film excels at just that: it converts the most personal of experiences into something that illuminates a shared part
Part narrative, part self-conscious ethnography, it tracks July's exploration through the PennySaver "for sale" classifieds, which she used as a vehicle to meet people in their homes throughout L.A. and interview them about their lives.
Celebrities steal our hearts. Sometimes they steal actual objects. Allegedly. Read more on The Frisky