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The Trump supporter, who electroshocked Officer Mike Fanone at the Capitol on Jan. 6, is trying to argue that he wasn't properly advised of his rights.
Is there a time when it makes sense to throw the baby out with the bathwater? During spring cleaning we get rid of the all
When wearable computers can disprove what someone told police, you know you're living in a future that has arrived sooner than expected. According to LancasterOnline, a woman in Pennsylvania has been charged with knowingly filing a false report after forensic evidence and the data from her Fitbit undermined her claim of rape. This case should catalyze a national discussion about when and how suspects can or should disclose data from a wearable computing device.
President Obama recently released a statement on the apprehension of Ahmed Abu Khatallah, who is alleged to have played a role in the attacks on Americans in Benghazi and is now reported to be "talking freely" without a lawyer. Are uncounseled statements by suspects a good thing?
When current law supposedly protect us from our doors being broken into and our homes being invasively searched without a warrant it seems contradictory that our electronic items are now potentially open to unchecked law enforcement access.
The detective said Bello-Rosales could receive a court-appointed attorney “libre,” by which he mean “free of charge,” according
As the Supreme Court's criminal procedure jurisprudence becomes more and more like a giant game of Jenga, our public dialogue needs to shift. We can't just talk about which rights we possess; we need to talk about how effectively they can be used -- and how well they match what we think we know.
8. It used to be that if you got rid of the murder weapon and kept your trap shut, you could get away with the crime, but
When investigators had their answers and Tsarnaev had already incriminated himself, only then did they read him his rights. He immediately fell silent, protecting the rights previously denied him.
It would seem that how some people choose to define depraved hearts depends on what God those depraved hearts worship.
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Kudos to Stephen Colbert for recognizing that "Fox & Friends" used a pretty limited vocabulary with regards to Dzhokar Tsarnaev
For people who claim to love the constitution, Fox News pundits sure seem to be hemorrhaging amendments according to Jon
The Boston bombing is so horrific, and the evidence of guilt apparently so overwhelming, that the country might wish to go straight to the punishment stage, but that is not how our system of justice functions.
The delay in reading Tsarnaev his rights may lead to any statements made before he was given the Miranda warnings being ruled
Despite initial reports, the FBI did not read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights. Instead, they invoked the "public safety exception" allowing limited questioning to defuse imminent threats. Yet the limits of the exception are still unknown. Wadie Said and Jeffrey Rosen join Mike to share their expertise.
The only legal, pragmatic, and effective way to handle this situation is to conduct a lengthy interrogation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and then prosecute him in United States federal court.
As Boston exhales and is set for recovery, the deepest of sympathies will be redoubled to all those affected. Boylston Street will be run on again, and citizens have been assured that the suspect "will feel the full weight of justice."
It all began in Boston -- when a group of brave colonists resisted the yoke of a despotic king and sought freedom. Protecting Tsarnaev's constitutional rights is the best tribute we could give to the storied legacy of that great city where our freedoms and rights first took hold.
It may be that the time has come to create a "non-political" and "independent" attorney general, one who would serve the interests of the public by upholding the rule of law rather than justifying the whims of the president.