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Get ready for a rom-com vibe with the addition of T.R. Knight.
Boy, does she feel silly. If The Catch can find its footing, it could get us hooked. Those late changes may account for the
'Detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder are deeply affected by the murders they investigate in this dark, acclaimed series,' or so says Netflix, in its description of the show it acquired from AMC.
Mireille Enos and her husband Alan Ruck have welcomed their second child together, her rep confirms to JustJared.com. Read
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In the new trailer for "Devil's Knot," Reese Witherspoon is haunting as a distraught mother whose son was one of three young
Mireille Enos has heard your complaints about "The Killing" Seasons 1 and 2 and agrees with them. "The original Danish show
Ahhh yes, the zombie apocalypse -- that moment when the dead rise and, by biting the living, turn them into zombies as well. Some theorize that Patient Zero was Ronald Reagan.
Summer blockbusters are notoriously guy-centric, and this summer is no exception, as movie-goers can witness men (both superhuman
This season's extravaganza 3D epic, WWZ based on Max Brooks' 2006 novel and directed by Mark Forster opens with a traffic
For all the carping, if you spend a little bit of time on The Killing comment boards as I did over the past few days, the vast majority of negative commenters (in turn the vast majority of commenters overall) say they are planning to tune in to season three.
The actor strolled out before the start of the movie, and the audience erupted into cheers for the unexpected guest of honor
Request for comment from AMC was not immediately returned. "The Killing" might get a Season 3. About five months after AMC
Linden returned to Seattle and discovered that the Rosie Larsen case is a lot bigger than anyone predicted. By the end of
Before Bryan Cranston was cooking up meth as Walt White, before Zooey Deschanel played Jess, the most enthusiastic girl in
With its eerie, atmospheric tone, complex 3-ring storyline, and roster of multi-dimensional characters who straddle so many fences we're not sure what color hat they wear, The Killing was irresistible.
AMC's The Killing, which concluded its first season last Sunday, simultaneously engaged and enraged viewers and critics alike with its story of the investigation into the brutal murder of a teenage girl in rain-soaked Seattle.
You know, it's really interesting -- I mentioned earlier, I did have a show in Canada, "Durham County," which was also compared