▶ Is Gangnam murder case a misogynistic crime? Interviewee A. I don't think gender roles have changed compared to my parent's
If you would never -- in a million years -- dress yourself up (or your best friend, mother or sister) as a French courtesan and dust the furniture while men ogled your lace-clad bottom while chuckling over cognac and cigars, why on earth would you do it to someone else?
The words "man-hating" and "crazy" and "bossy" are still thrown at self-identifying feminists every day, and not just by men or goofy high school students looking for a reaction. Women, indirectly threatened by the words, hurl them as well.
A man who chooses not to date a promiscuous woman isn't "slut shaming" her, Bellrose contends, but is only expressing a preference
When it comes to the fringes, neither side is really fighting about what they say they are -- they're projecting and acting out much deeper hurts. The 150 or so attendees of the convention I went to weren't all monsters by any stretch of the imagination. But I daresay most of them weren't very happy people either.
Suzanne Venker's op-ed for Fox News argues men are becoming second class citizens as a result of a biased education system, the man-bashing media, and female advancement. Could the emphasis on equalization has in fact created a male crisis?
1. Grade school curricula are based on girls' interests. Hmmm... We'd like to see some data on that, please. 2. "Men don’t