An analysis of the state medical board records shows the board tends to dole out lenient punishment even in cases of severe misconduct.
The video, which surfaced Saturday, is the latest controversy for a police department plagued with misconduct.
The Missouri governor’s lawyers accuse St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner of misconduct in the felony case.
Here is the confusing video on sexual harassment that members of Congress and their staffers have to watch.
Trail of Bread Crumbs “It's the practice of intimidation and use of force from someone in a position of greater influence
HE IS the Steven Avery no one knows about, and as a country we should be deeply ashamed. 71-year-old Rodney Lincoln has spent
Those interested in insider trading should pay close attention to trading in non-securities. Especially in recent years, some of the most important enforcement events have far from public equity exchanges.
Judge Joseph Boeckmann also may have had child pornography on his computer, a state committee alleges.
A rape trial is presently taking place in New York that ordinarily would attract little media attention except for one important fact: The defendant, Alexandru Hossu, is a close personal acquaintance of Adam Levy, the Putnam County district attorney, and Levy's conduct in connection with Hossu's case has been strange.
If anything the investigation has opened the Board and his firm to potential embarrassment and ridicule. Quite frankly, he never should have accepted the assignment and placing himself and the firm in a no-win situation.
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I recently had to attend a corporate code-of-conduct seminar. Upon exiting the seminar, I began thinking about some of the public figures who could have benefited from a class on proper on-the-job behavior.
As budget cuts come to the fore, military contractors will undoubtedly try to obscure the fact that every $1 billion of military spending costs anywhere between 3,200 and 11,700 jobs or more when compared to other ways of spending the money.
Just weeks after he was acquitted of a misconduct indictment, the first Illinois state's attorney in decades to stand trial