When we're down we don't feel compelled to do much of anything. Especially talk. In turn, nobody really knows how to handle it or help us get through it. What follows are a few steps that will help to prevent you from falling into a rut of misery.
Even if you were living under a soundproof rock for the past few years, it'd be hard to miss the rise of country singer Kacey
Even when you don't do it, when you sit there quietly, they drain your energy. They create a cloud that surrounds you for hours. The good news? There's something you can do about it. You can walk away. No, really. Whether literally or metaphorically, you can extract yourself from these situations.
Author Jay Michaelson and Professor Jonathan Adler, Ph.D. join Ricky to discuss why it's important to listen to all your emotions (even the negative ones).
Why would someone make the choice to be miserable? Because it is often a way of getting attention and of attempting to get someone else to be responsible for them. If this is what you want, here is a roadmap to make sure you accomplish your goal!
For those of you who are lacking in misery, never fear! Follow this quick and easy guide and you are sure to increase your misery in no time.
There are plenty of other people in this world who are as miserable as you are right now.