My blossom on the youthful tree of life was not attractive. By age 11, I was a near-sighted, left-handed, gangly, goofy girl with wrinkly hair and absolutely no ability to conform. Outside of chores, the only activity for youth in the southern Idaho farming community of 1,000 people was a program called 4-H.
With a heavier, technical sound, Doyle is not just the band of an ex-Misfits member; it's something more. This isn't just Doyle's band; it's a group effort.
To view ourselves in the context of our background, history and the present, is an essential aspect of self-acceptance.
I'll admit it can take just one film to usually convince me to come to a film festival. In the case of this year's Berlinale, it was Jafar Panahi's Taxi. I knew I wanted to sit in that bursting at the seams press screening, first thing in the morning, to watch it. And, as is usually the case with my cinematic instinct, I was right.
Her older sister has friends galore and has always had a BFF, if not five, but not Miss M. In fact, last year, her grandmother asked her who her best friend at school was, and Miss M. said matter-of-factly, "I don't have best friends." But at long last, she has one.
The final season, comprised of eight hourlong episodes, is set for a fall 2013 premiere in the UK. Hulu and Hulu Plus have
The BAFTA award-winning UK series will make its highly anticipated return to the U.S. with Season 4 running exclusively on
"Misfits" star Lauren Socha is leaving the popular Channel 4 teen drama and will not return for the fourth season. According
The Dowager Countess could be asking "What is a BAFTA?" very soon. "Downton Abbey" star Maggie Smith has been nominated for
Who doesn't like a good pie chart? To truly stand out amongst the rest, one needs a slick design, clean and understandable
"Misfits," "The Fades," "Being Human" and "Lost Girl" allow viewers to escape into a different reality and imagine what it would be like to have special powers or a heroic destiny. I liked one of these shows a lot, and I fell a little in love with another.
The BAFTA award-winning raunchy sci-fi teen dramedy follows a group of young community service workers who discover they
Whether it's a drama, sitcom, sci-fi series, or even reality TV program, there needs to be some suspension of disbelief when
3. Kelly gets a new beau! LS: Superhoodie is still ongoing. He's already established himself in the first two series, but
Series 3 of "Misfits" premieres on E4 in November. Meanwhile, for us U.S. fans, there's no further word on when the series
All photos and text courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine Some Angelenos don't wait for Hollywood to discover them. Their fame