Within minutes of the deadly explosion, old footage, fake accounts and misleading political posturing flooded the web.
Can the courts order the government not to talk to social media companies? One federal judge said yes; an appeals court said, “Hold on there, cowboy.”
YouTube says it will stop removing content that falsely claims U.S. presidential elections were marred by widespread fraud, errors or glitches.
Steve Kirsch said he offered $100,000 to a fellow passenger if she took off her mask. But he didn't realize he came across as the seatmate from hell.
The superstar cited changed Twitter policies that "will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.”
Musk has signaled an interest in rolling back many of Twitter’s previous rules meant to combat misinformation.
“Voters should be on high alert for these messages,” the Kansas secretary of state said.
Watchdog investigators submitted ads targeting multiple battleground states in the midterms such as Arizona, Colorado and Georgia.
The survey shows that regardless of political ideology, Americans agree misinformation is leaving a mark on the country.
A U.S. firm that monitors false online claims reports that searches for information about prominent news topics on TikTok are likely to turn up results riddled with misinformation.