Megan said Lanez’s guilty verdict was bigger than her own vindication. “It was a victory for every woman…blamed for a violent crime committed against them.”
Through Teyana Taylor’s character in the new movie, director A.V. Rockwell examines the systems that continue to hold us back.
Tucker Carlson's guest, Jesse Kelly, had a meltdown in disbelief that a woman could be happily childless.
“Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in," said Madonna.
The singer schooled the rap stars for using sexist terms in their music, Snoop recalled in a new CNN documentary.
The populist politician went full Donald Trump after criticism of his misogynistic comment.
The 26-year-old content creator speaks about her journey from the NFL to TikTok, combating misogyny online, and amplifying her Samoan culture and heritage.
"Although your intentions were hateful, your public shaming of my appearance has done nothing but benefit me," Olivia Julianna said.
The Republican congressman said women who attend abortion rights rallies are ugly and overweight.
The U.S. congressman is being blasted for his overtly misogynistic speech at a conservative student summit.