When I first discovered what ‘Misophonia’ is, I had an entirely different story to tell. I was relieved there was a name
While there is little research on misophonia, it is currently believed to be a neurological disorder.
A disorder callously dubbed “Sound Rage” by media, misophonia has received marginal attention. Most stories follow a similar
This is not how medicine should work. This is not how advocacy should work.
It is often inaccurately characterized as “chewing rage,” as “sound rage” and even as an “eating disorder.” Misophonia is not any of these things!
Misophonia, a disorder that causes an aversive reaction to audial and visual stimuli, has had some good and some bad press
The jury has once again been let out on whether or not video games are beneficial.
The world around me is a sharp, bitter, devastating blow.
It's more than “hatred of sound,” “chewing rage,” or “sound rage."
Changing perception is a small component of the purpose of the film, but it's important because misophonia as a condition is not without scoffers and detractors even among friends and family. Jeff describes releasing the trailer and sharing it with the world as sort of a coming out.
Until they come up with an operation that can undo the hyperconnectivity between my auditory and limbic systems (not holding my breath), I'll just have to rely on my old stand bys--passive aggression and headphones--but with the newfound conviction that I'm an innocent victim of a seemingly hopeless condition and not just a nightmare girl snapping at you to keep it the f down.
Not surprising, the most problematic sounds are not car horns blasting or clocks ticking. The misery of misophonia is generally related to other people's behavior. I am guilty as charged.
SoundSensitive.org explains that, after a while, people with the disorder become more and more annoyed with the noises their
To manage, people with the condition can employ coping skills such as wearing ear plugs or playing white noise to drown out