There has always been a deep right-wing vein in Missouri, which has taken hold in recent years, seen through Todd Akin's "legitimate" rape lunacy.
Whatever my feelings toward beauty pageants and all the ways in which they make young women feel inadequate, at least this time, the world's most influential country is showing my people that a deep velvet brown complexion is nothing to be ashamed of.
Finally a reason to really get behind these beauty competitions.
Our hope is to help shift girls' attitudes about STEM and boost the percentage of women employed in STEM-related industries. It's not just the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do for America's future and our economy.
Tomorrow night live on ABC, we will mark the 91st anniversary of an American icon as we continue our beloved tradition of crowning the next Miss America. At the risk of sounding like a diplomat, all of our contestants are winners. Here's why.
I have been enchanted by the magic of Miss America for more years than I dare put in writing, and it started way before I married a Miss Mississippi or became Chairman of the Board of the Miss America Organization.
The Miss America system provides up to $45 million in scholarships each year -- who else is putting women through college like that?