Miss Congeniality

Well, now you've handed all three branches of government to fanatics and the lunatic fringe. But at least you "feel" good about it.
The real competition should lie in community service hours logged, charity dollars raised, and persons inspired. Women should be judged based on character and contributions, instead of looks.
To the self-proclaimed feminists who judge me for my involvement in pageants, I want you to know that I do not compete in pageants for the attention of men. I am proud of my body, but it does not define me or validate my worth. I compete in pageants because I like them. Feminism and femininity can co-exist.
“'Miss Congeniality' was written based on me,” DeGeneres said. “When I was getting ready to co-host the Emmys, the writer
Agent Clarice Starling ("The Silence of the Lambs") and Special Agent Gracie Hart ("Miss Congeniality") Lucas "Cool Hand
I realize Elle is not real, but that doesn't make her contribution to contemporary society any less significant. In order to properly explain my debt of gratitude to this fictional character, a little background is in order.
He was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for twelve years. But Whitey Bulger was ultimately brought down by Miss Congeniality. No, not Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock's eponymous female FBI character in the 2000 film), but Anna Bjornsdottir.
Fight Club has always been my favorite movie. I wondered somewhere deep in my soul what it would feel like to bash another man in the face. So I went out in search of the real thing.
The choice of Sarah Palin must really rub Dick Cheney the wrong way because it makes him and his gravitas act all these years nothing but a big joke.
Democrats should stay away from the baby stories. They must resist the urge to comment at all on it. Let the media do the muckraking.
Obama was the most presidential, the most prepared to lead this complex country and the most open-minded. He has both intelligence and emotional intelligence.