miss manners

Attention! There is some big news coming out of Colorado Springs. In order to graduate from the Air Force Academy, cadets will have to pass inspection in decorum. Yes, you read that right.
When I meet a particular acquaintance for lunch in a restaurant, I always tell her the reservation is for 30 minutes earlier than it really is. Why? Because she is never on time and I don't want to sit alone at a table stewing for half an hour.
image credit: Cathy Lees Of Two Minds Dear Miss Manners, teach me how to reach a decision. When I reach for it, what will
I'd like some advice on how to handle questions that I'd just rather not answer. My husband's health hasn't been so great
"Society is fortunate that hordes of social climbers strive through philanthropy. If not for the hope of whatever they consider
For those of you reading this who say it's unpatriotic to question the actions of an agency that stands guard against terrorism, let me ask you the following question: What if a real law enforcement agency or a branch of the military treated the civilian population like this?
The major activity of the American Family appears to be "busyness." We do things. We don't just live in a family, we produce a family! We perform a family. Families simply must be -- or appear to be -- busy all the time.
Dear Dinner Companion, Your friend is right. Never cheapen yourself by sleeping with a guy for a hamburger.