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miss teen usa

New Miss USA Cheslie Kryst is a lawyer who does pro bono work with incarcerated people.
The contest's swimsuit competition finally ended once he left.
Winner Karlie May says she's a different person today but that wasn't enough for Twitter.
Pageant leaders want to make sure "fans recognize these young women for the strong, inspiring individuals they are.”
Today's pageants are a sanitized and sanctioned outgrowth of nineteenth-century carnival sideshows.
Last week, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King made headlines when she resigned her crown in the wake of allegations that
TMZ obtained a copy of YouPorn's offer to King, which read in part: According to TMZ, Melissa King, who resigned the title
"When somebody says 'you talk white,' it may be far more than a linguistic judgment. It may also be a political one." But the reasons are as complex as our country's own troubled racial history.
As the current Miss Teen USA, West will now have an even broader audience and increased publicity, along with an established
"We are dedicated to educating families, medical professionals and others about meningococcal disease and its prevention -- to 'give kids a shot' so no other lives are lost."
Created in 2006 by former Miss Georgia Teen USA winner Jena Sims, The Pageant of Hope is a noncompetitive pageant that gives
In his march towards the Republican nomination John McCain has drawn criticism for his lack of fluency when discussing the