The men, who have been missing in a remote part of the rainforest since Sunday, said they were threatened by men with guns on a prior reporting trip.
Law enforcers say human remains discovered near a national park match the description of the “van life” influencer Gabby Petito
Maks Levin was covering the war in a combat-heavy area near Kyiv when he disappeared over a week ago. He's the latest missing journalist in Ukraine.
Bones believed to be human were found inside of the muddy 1974 Ford Pinto that authorities said was driven by 22-year-old Kyle Clinkscales.
The 25-year-old's disappearance has been highlighted as the type of case that gets less attention than those of missing white women.
Police are asking the public to help track down the missing lifestyle influencer who disappeared without a trace in August.
The 22-year-old influencer went missing on a road trip with her boyfriend, who now refuses to speak with the police.
Myriam and Arnie Notkin have been missing since the Surfside building collapsed, but calls kept coming from their landline.
Max, a 2-year-old German shepherd, was "crucial" to finding a missing mother and her young son in Wales, the police inspector said.
Naya Rivera, who played cheerleader Santana on the Fox show, is missing after going out for a boat ride with her 4-year-old son.