Missing and murdered indigenous women

The recent disappearance of young mother Emmilee Risling has spotlighted an epidemic that has long disproportionately plagued Native Americans.
Young Indigenous mother Bessie Walker went missing, then was found dead in California. Her case got only a fraction of the attention that Gabby Petito’s did.
"Look to yourselves on why that’s not being done,” Joe Petito urged members of the media.
The interior secretary is forming a commission to study the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, weeks after launching a unit to investigate cases.
He signed an executive order creating a task force to address the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Congress may actually do something to stem the crisis of Native women and girls disappearing and being killed.
Justice Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs officials couldn't take a position on any of the Senate bills addressing this crisis.
New legislation puts a spotlight on the invisible crisis of murdered, missing and trafficked indigenous women.
Indigenous women are disappearing and being killed. Savanna's Act would help to bring them some justice.