missing dog

Originally published on www.dorriolds.com “Please keep calm,” said our British pet sitter, “Quigley has run off in the wood
Authorities suspect the dogs are being taken as part of an organized theft ring.
Bear hadn't been seen since he fled after a car crash in July 2013.
If you’re a dog owner and have never had your pet run out the door or sneak through the gate when you weren’t looking, consider
Bailey serving as his dad's best man "(Bailey’s owner) could barely talk," veterinary technician Diana Redmond told WTHR
A graduate student claims he survived a car accident thanks to his dog.
In November, a plane transporting 60 dogs and cats displaced by Sandy arrived in San Diego, the Associated Press reported
Findings of First National Lost Pet Survey The ASPCA conducted a survey of 1,015 pet households, and the findings of its
The couple says they had given up on getting their dog back, hoping it had been adopted by another loving family. They received