Mission statement

The move is a "perfect representation" of how the Trump administration views America's public lands, one critic said.
Carson has proposed changing the department's mission statement to better reflect the Trump administration's priorities.
It will no longer reference "inclusive" communities "free from discrimination."
When I approached age 50, I finally had a wake up call that, with several decades of empty nesting ahead of me, it wasn't too late: I could still craft a more 'conscious' life for myself.
Your business is an extension of you. It started with an idea and a hope and problem you were itching to solve. A vision of how you could improve someone's life, work, relationships, self-esteem or home.
Nonprofits often struggle for funding, volunteers, and other resources. Frequently it's because they are unable to effectively communicate their vision, purpose, and value to their communities.
Many entrepreneurs and small business owners make the mistake of not taking the time to craft a mission statement. They think it's just fluff and a waste of time.
In reflecting upon my professional experiences, I inventoried ways in which my brand was created. These are tools that can be applied at any level in one's career.
The situation facing the Nashville Symphony is sad and frustrating. Unfortunately, it is also not atypical. Symphony officials recently announced that it would default on the bonds for its performance hall -- the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
Immediately flashing back to the beaming faces of my parents at my Bar Mitzvah and the beaming face of my patron drag queen (Tammy Faye WhyNot!) when I came out of the closet, I was reasonably convinced my colleague was citing someone else's solid Jesuit pedigree.
One of the joys of working in the not-for-profit sector is that one is engaged in supporting a mission that is meaningful and motivational.
Smaller arts organizations are typically those which serve unique segments of our communities. Many of our nation's greatest artists were first exposed to the arts through these more specialized arts organizations.
My strategic plan is all about heart. More than ever, my heart leads and my head follows. I am not saying to stop marketing, stop selling, stop accounting and operations. I am just suggesting you lead from a different place.
There will be many tempting distractions during your divorce. Your mission statement will keep you on track. It points you in the direction of living in a way that you know will make you proud of yourself.
Scwharzenegger and the Republicans who control California's finances have concluded it's not even worth trying to compete with India and China anymore, as evidenced by the "restructuring" of the California State University system.