The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said this will help the missionaries stay warm, ride bikes, and protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases.
Yes, Silence is absolutely a film about Christian persecution - one which every American Christian should see and then never
Down at the beach hotel, the guests get their wish to join in Belafonte's "Day-o, day-o....Daylight come and me wan' go home
The islands' few settlers came armed to the teeth. Fierce Fijian warriors once paddled this canoe around the islands. In
Student: It's kind of creepy when you think about it -- having someone invisible right in your home and eavesdropping on
The church said it will "study and analyze" the legislation moving forward.
Reverend Peters' latest project, however, aims to impact more lives. Rather than just spiriting a trickle of refugees to freedom abroad, he is also smuggling nutrient-rich vegetable seeds into North Korea, in a bold effort to provide food security for the 24.9 million people still trapped behind its barbed wire borders.
I asked her if she lacked love at home. "Not at all," she replied. "I was absolutely loved. But I wanted more." But why Catholicism
Newspeople and commentators outside the South ordinarily pay little attention to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). But they should find reason to care, even insofar as mere statistics and size alone count.
I know all the clichés. We Mormons sometimes make fun of them ourselves. But as a mother whose daughter recently returned from the Houston, Texas mission, I've found that I have new insights about what is the best thing to do in various situations.
Sometimes, no amount of research can prepare you for an interview. Such was my recent experience in interviewing Saint Fleur Junior Charles, a 32-year-old man brimming with courage, strength, and -- more recently, he says -- faith.
Huston Smith was 93-years-old, plagued by hearing loss, weakened eyesight, and debilitating osteoporosis. You'd think he'd be ready to take it easy.
(RNS) If Pope Francis’ powerful denunciation of the global economic system was the heart of his talk to Bolivians on Thursday
Said village chief Filimoni Nawawabalevu, "We believe we must have been cursed, and we must apologize for (eating Baker)...when
In the 1830s, stories about the stewpots of Fiji finally brought a tsunami of pastors to the islands from the London Missionary Society, and later on canoe loads of Wesleyan Methodists from Tonga. Progress was slow at first, and a good number of soul-savers themselves ended up saved for Fijian feasts.
The 3,000-member church, where Lim has been head pastor for 28 years, has done humanitarian work in North Korea since about
“This is not easy stuff,” said Rabbi Joel Soffin, who regularly traveled with his congregants to Ethiopia, Cambodia and other