HAZELWOOD, Missouri -- After high school students across the country walked out of class earlier this week calling for greater
My third grade teacher was fabulous; in fact, in my 20 years of education I had a lot of really wonderful teachers. However, it is Mrs. Mason who inspired me to take on the challenging work of reforming the way teachers are evaluated, compensated, hired and retained.
Chappelle-Nadal said in a statement Wednesday that the move was inspired by numerous recent incidents in her district, during
Riverview Gardens Superintendent Clive Coleman tells the station that officials are investigating the incident, though he
Ed Reform In Nevada? Gov. Brian Sandoval is putting the final touches on his Wednesday State of the State speech, and according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, education will factor high. Merit pay -- a plan in which teachers are paid partially in accordance with their students' test scores -- is looking good to him. "There is money in the budget to ensure we have a fair system by which we're going to measure the performance of teachers," Sandoval said. "Education will be a big priority for me, and you're going to hear a lot about it in the State of the State. K-12 as well as higher ed." (It should be noted that merit pay hasn't been found to work most anywhere -- except in special cases).
Statewide, there are 39 preparation programs at four-year institutions, and all have different ways of evaluating how student
Diane Brame has been the cafeteria manager at Hudson Elementary School in Webster Groves, Mo., for two years. Recently, she
Visit the St. Louis Post-Dispatch at www.stltoday.com Stanley Covington, 64, a math teacher, is accused of placing a knife
"My worst fear is it'll continue to be the same," said Diane Ravitch, a New York University historian and one of Obama's
Below, a look at how other states voted Tuesday on their respective education funding measures. On ballots in states from