"All In" host Chris Hayes had some explaining to do.
Fox News accidentally got an earful from an anti-Trump lawmaker live on air.
Failure is inevitable. How we move forward from failure determines whether failure becomes a biologically ingrained habit or a spotty memory. What will you choose?
When I talk to attendees of my seminars or to new clients, I often encounter the same lost person I once was.
Instead of fearing what might happen in the unknown, instead of imagining and trying to pre-control worst-case scenarios, we can plan as best we can... and then move forward with a sense of curiosity. We can let things progress, and then respond as needed.
That Leia/Rey hug never should've happened that way.
Putting ourselves down can be a tempting habit. It makes us seem humble. It fills the dead air of conversation. It gets ahead of others who might put us down first.