The parasite has a complicated history.
However, with 250 injuries a day from decorating for the holiday season, holiday safety is less funny in the ER. Unless you have a stuntman, follow my five rules for a health fail-free holiday.
Mistletoemistletoe is one of those plants that no one seems to remember until the holidays, when sprigs of it start appearing
Mistletoe isn't only a winter plant... "Mistletoe holds on to its leaves in the winter and has a yellow/green hue that make
Mistletoe by Walter John de la Mare Sitting under the mistletoe (Pale-green, fairy mistletoe), One last candle burning low
Every year when the holidays roll around, I brace for the inevitable wave of emotions the season brings -- emotions that I know are supposed to resemble peace and joy, but instead feel suspiciously like irritation and resentment.
Zisiadis’ art often integrates technology and humanity. He is perhaps best known for his “Pulse of the City” installation
Okay fine, the snow isn't real, but the smiles and kisses certainly are. You'd be surprised by how much snow (and mistletoe
There are many traditions associated with the holiday season, but really only a single major one that happens to come with
"Mistletoe and Holly" is a holiday masterpiece. But I know the biology of those two plants that Mr. Sinatra croons about... and that makes me wonder: Is there more to this song than standard Christmas cheer?