Mother's Day can be a depressing time for wives with cheating partners. The family may come together, but celebrations can have a bittersweet flavor. It won't be like it was before infidelity reared its ugly head.
Maurice's seven daughters claim their father has conned and stolen over $1.5 million from friends, strangers -- and them
I never could've imagined that a moment would come where I would truly doubt our friendship, but then you went and became 'The Other Woman'.
Yes, the Side Chick, aka the willing Mistress of an unavailable man, has complained that her man acted shady during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Having to deal with your former husband's cheating in such a public way must have been awful, Jenny. But to still be dragging him to court five years after you filed for divorce speaks more about you now than him, quite honestly.
A close male friend (who used to cheat on his wife) has enlightened me that some of us otherwise intelligent chicks enter into the Sidepiece Agreement -- that is, knowingly becoming the mistress or other woman -- without fully understanding the terms of the deal.
A wedding in the Chinese city of Shenzhen was crashed by none other than the groom's pregnant mistress, who showed up in
Written by Emily Abbate on CafeMom’s blog, The Stir. 3. She probably believed she was cared about. Heck, maybe she was: This
Maybe it's just me, but the worst part about having a mistress is the 'getting caught' part; otherwise, it's all upside. Your chances of avoiding that 'getting caught' downside are greatly improved by adhering to five simple tips for mistress management:
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While I don't go searching for men in relationships, I also don't pretend I feel nothing when it's not the case. I won't try to sleep with your boyfriend, and it's extremely unlikely, but I can't promise it won't ever happen.
Finally, if you are not committed to saving your marriage with all your heart and soul, or if there is even an inkling in your heart that you may continue seeing this other woman, leave.
Some clear signs your spouse is cheating? Symonds says that if he is overly protective of his phone, or seems to duck out
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Watch the video above to see the entire altercation, then click through the slideshow below to see some of Hollywood's most
My father's ability to combat the isolation of dementia by creating an imaginary and omnipresent mate may not be unique to him. Imagination may possibly hold the gifts of comfort and solace as we face the uncertainties of old age.
Mistresses are privy to all sorts of misplaced condescension, and condemnation, from family, friends and co-workers.
I wasn't enough. That was the first thought that entered my mind after I found out my partner cheated on me. I replayed the scenario in my head hundreds of times, recounted every detail of our time together to find any clues or indications that he was unhappy.
No one found out about the affair, but this writer has lived with the deception for 10 years.